Florida Healthy Kids Health Insurance Guide

The Florida Healthy Kids Health Insurance Plan has been in effect for almost 20 years. The plan was put into place to ensure affordable health insurance coverage for all children regardless of family income. Too many kids from working families were falling through the cracks because they didn’t qualify for government programs, but their families could not afford health insurance. The state legislature came to the rescue with the introduction of the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation Health Insurance.

Florida had and still has an amazingly high number of children who have no health insurance. Florida Healthy Kids is the solution to the problem. Families whose income is not high enough to afford health insurance or those whose premiums would cut into the family budget too much if they were to take out the group benefits at work, have a good option that allows them to provide much needed coverage for their school aged children.

Florida Healthy Kids Health Insurance Eligibility

The guidelines for who qualifies for the Florida Healthy Kids Health Insurance Plan are determined by income level, amongst other things. Those who think they might be eligible for this assistance need to check into the requirements and do the math to find out if their health insurance cost for their kids is higher than 5% of their household income.

Some of those who might fall in this category include:

  • Single parent homes
  • Self-employed parents
  • Those on Social Security
  • Families who depend on child support
  • Fixed income families, like those on Social Security, disability benefits, Unemployment Insurance and others.
  • Lower income earners

The Florida Healthy Kids health insurance program is a plan that is specifically designed for school aged kids. Eligibility also states that the child must be a resident of the state and meet citizenship requirements or resident status.

Coverage Provided by Florida Healthy Kids Health Insurance

The Florida Healthy Kids Health Insurance Plan is meant to provide good quality health coverage to children who would otherwise be without it. It covers all the same things a regular health insurance plan would cover. In fact, many of the things that are covered by Florida Healthy Kids are extras for a traditional group health insurance plan. Just a few of the things that Florida Healthy Kids covers include the following:

  • Sick child visits
  • Well child checkups
  • Immunizations
  • Transplants
  • Major Illnesses
  • Dental Care
  • Prescription Coverage
  • Vision Care

(Source: HealthyKids.org and FloridaKidCare.org)

How Florida Healthy Kids Health Insurance Works

The program is partially funded by the participants who pay $20 per month if they are fully eligible to participate. For those whose income is too high, but they still qualify otherwise, they may purchase the coverage at full price. In addition, funds from local, state and federal government are combined with the premiums paid by participants in order to purchase the insurance plan. The actual plans themselves are carried by regular health insurance companies. These companies take on the insurance risk rather than the government or some other entity.

The Florida Healthy Kids Corporation is so innovative and impressive that it has received numerous honors and awards throughout its existence. It has become a model for similar plans in other places.

Applying for Florida Healthy Kids Health Insurance

More and more companies are cutting back on benefits. More and more employees are losing their jobs, taking pay cuts or being reduced to part time work. This makes having an option like Florida Healthy Kids Health Insurance more important than ever. Even for those who live paycheck to paycheck and have health insurance coverage through work for their kids, this may be the option that allows them to live better, save money and make sure their children have great health insurance.

If you are contemplating the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation health insurance, an application is necessary. As a part of this application process you need to show that your insurance cost for your child is more than 5% of your family income. If you have no access to group insurance, you will need quotes on individual family coverage.

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