Some people may be of the opinion that all health insurance agents are created equal and it does not really matter what type of agent one chooses. Here are 3 reasons that I hope are quite convincing as they make the case that you should consider working only with an independent health insurance agent:

1. Selection – While many agents are only able to offer health insurance plans from one or two insurance companies an independent agent has no such limitations. Each of our independent health insurance agents are able to work with all of the various insurance companies. This in turn allows the insurance shopper to pick and choose; comparing rates from all of the top health insurance providers.

2. Objectivity – When an agent is only able to offer a limited selection of health insurance plans then the tendency is for the agent to highlight his company’s benefits while strongly downplaying any potential shortcomings. This is to be expected when an agent is compensated only for selling health insurance plans from one particular insurance company. The independent agent is under no such constraints as they are happy to point out the pros and cons for each of the different companies and typically be able to offer a much more objective opinion on the different options.

3. Relationship – An independent health insurance agent is potentially a much more valuable long term resource than an agent that is affiliated with only one insurance company. If a client is best served by changing health insurance companies to find a lower rate, select different benefits, or simply needs to adjust coverage because their health insurance needs have changed over time then an independent agent is happy to continue to be of service to the client and help them select a new company while an agent offering only one company’s products is unfortunately unable to meet the client’s needs. The length and depth of the client-agent relationship has much more of a chance to grow when an independent agent is involved which leads to many money saving opportunities for the client. This is why each of our independent health insurance agents conduct annual policy reviews with each of their clients to evaluate client needs and make sure that they are with the insurance company and health plan that best meets their needs.

No matter what your insurance needs are be sure and request quotes at the top of the page and then be in contact with one of our independent life and health insurance agents today!