If you have ever sought a professional liability quote for your business you understand that professional liability insurance aka E&O insurance is a very specialized coverage. Although all it takes is a commercial insurance license to broker any line of commercial insurance that does not mean that all brokers understand what they are selling when it come to professional liability coverage. First, I would like to explore the definition of professional services, and then we can explore the risks involved and why these fields need coverage.

Professional services are delivered by more than just doctors and attorneys, the basic definition of professional services defines a “professional” as anyone who is required to obtain certification or specialized education to perform his or her job. The broad definition of professional liability leaves may individuals and companies that are in business exposed to claims.

Remember, professional liability insurance should be thought of as a way to manage risk against possible claims and if you are in a field deemed to be a professional field then this coverage it is a cost of doing business. This is a difficult concept for those that have been in business for years but the down side of not having coverage in place is far outweighed by premium of an E&O policy. And the alternative is that one claim that can hurt a business for years or even force someone out of business.

Professional liability insurance is obtained by many organizations and with technology, insurance is getting easier to obtain since a broker can check with numerous carriers very quickly. You can now submit your inquiry for professional liability quote online which will speed up your process and get you well on the way to obtaining coverage.

Obtaining E&O quotes is just as important as comparing Florida health insurance quotes. Get started today!