5 Florida Health Care Insurance Tips

Read these 5 tips for finding the best Florida health care insurance plan! Once you are done then be sure and enter your zip code in at the top of the page to view free Florida health care insurance quotes from top companies who will compete for your business!

1. Take the free money! If your employer offers a health insurance plan and offers to pay some or all of the premium for you then take the free money! (Note that many employers will not offer to pay the portion of the premium for your spouse and children so if you have family then you will probably be able to save quite a bit of money by looking for individual health insurance for them and then have you stay on the group health plan – as everything else being equal individual health insurance is much cheaper than group health insurance because of the differences in underwriting and the treatment of pre-existing conditions).

2. Consult with a Florida licensed independent insurance agent NOT a captive insurance agent. (A captive insurance agent can only work with one insurance company – this eliminates the ability to “shop” policies and help you compare health insurance plans from multiple companies. Captive agents very rarely are able to serve a client’s best interest as their goal is simply to sell their company’s product – whether it is the right fit for the client or not. They have no other options other than their own company’s product line. Don’t be fooled when an agent says that he/she has the ability to work with many companies but only shows you health insurance quotes from 1 company! Only work with someone that will assist you by showing you Florida health insurance quotes from multiple companies).

3. Review your health insurance policy every year. (Your needs will change over time and it is always a good idea to re-evaluate your goals and adjust your plan and benefits accordingly. Again, the benefit of working with an independent Florida health insurance agent over a captive agent is very clear: you can seek trusted objective advice every year and compare quotes from top insurance carriers against your current health plan annually).

4. Admit if you made a mistake! (If you signed up for a plan because of a pushy salesman and don’t fully understand how the plan works or what it covers then learn from your mistake and work with and independent agent. (If you have never even heard of the health insurance company before then that is a strong warning sign. Remember, all health insurance is the same UNTIL you actually have to use it! You want to go with a strong, well-known reputable company that preferably has nationwide coverage or close to it).

5. Do your research but cut down on the time consuming busy work! (Health insurance shopping is never the most fun thing to do but it doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process spent scouring the phone book for places to receive Florida health insurance quotes. Enter you zip code in at the top of the page to get instant

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