Florida Health Insurance for Realtors

Florida health insurance for realtors is available to the real estate community. Realtors find themselves in a unique situation. Many real estate firms hire agents as contract workers and they do not offer insurance. This means that many real estate agents are self-employed and as such, must get their own health insurance. Also, since income varies from month to month, it is difficult to find assistance with health insurance. In this challenging economy, having health care coverage is more important that ever. Luckily, there are options available for realtors in Florida.

FL Self Employment Health Insurance for Realtors

The first option available for real estate agents is self-employment insurance. Self-employment insurance is available in a variety of forms and plans. One option is to become a member of the National Association of the Self Employed. This association assists the self-employed with many things including health insurance. Once you become a member, you can get a quality health insurance plan through pre-negotiated prices. As long as you keep up your monthly membership fee and your monthly premium, your coverage will continue.

Self Employed Insurance Group

The next option is to find coverage through the Self Employed Insurance Group (SEIG). This group exists to provide coverage exclusively for the self employed. The choices of plans include medical coverage and catastrophic coverage. The SEIG has spent many years negotiating with reputable companies to find the very best deals for the self employed. Their plans take into consideration the financial demands that are placed on the self employed, especially those just starting a business.

SEIG serves as the underwriter and works with a variety of national companies to provide the best coverage possible. Included in SEIG plans are a choice of doctors and hospitals, $5,000 in emergency room benefits, accident coverage, critical care coverage, prescription drug coverage and term life coverage. The amounts of coverage vary from plan to plan. SEIG also includes an online application service and top customer service once you become a member. You are required to produce proof of self employment.

Cover Florida

The next option is to apply for Cover Florida. Cover Florida is a state developed program that offers a variety of health insurance plans for those who do not have traditional coverage through their employer. Cover Florida is not for those who qualify for Medicaid. Once you apply for Cover Florida, you can choose what company and plan you want to go with based on what Florida County you live in.

Cover Florida is not run by the government; instead, it is contracted out to different insurance companies. These companies run the program entirely. All the legislation does is make sure rules and regulations are being followed. Plans begin at as little as $89 per month for an individual. Cover Florida also extends to dependents.

National Association of Realtors

Another option is finding insurance through the National Association of Realtors. Members of NAR have access to Realtors Core Health Insurance. This offers plans for those ages 18-65. Core Health Insurance provides Limited Medical plans that are designed specifically for real estate agents who are members of NAR. It is designed to provide for the everyday health needs of members.

With this plan there are no medical exams or questions. Plans start at $70 per month. There are three plans to choose from and members can choose any provider with the choice for in network providers at a lower cost. There are no contracts to be signed and coverage can begin the day after applying and receiving approval. All plans are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company.

Coverage varies among the three different plans through NAR, but what is covered is standard. Key features of all three Core Health Insurance Plans include little or no deductibles, little or no co-pays, and coverage for everyday issues. The plans are not based on age and they are meant to be inexpensive because they are based on income. It is important to understand that this is not a major medical plan. Major medical plans provide coverage for emergencies as well as everyday medical situations.

Shop Around for FL Health Insurance

Another options for real estate agnets, is to shop around. Shopping around can allow you to see what different insurance companies have to offer. Sometimes the amount of plans available is overwhelming. The best way to decide what plan is right for you is to compare the choices. Right now you can use the FL health insurance comparison tool on this page to compare rates and quotes from top companies.

If you still have questions after using the comparison tool, you can contact one of our experienced independent agents who can answers any remaining questions you may have. Don’t go without insurance just because you are self-employed. And don’t forget that all of these options included coverage for you and your family as well. There are many options available to you. Enter the zip code of your primary residence above. You can do it right now!