Florida International Travel Health Insurance

If you plan to travel out of the country, you may want to consider purchasing Florida international travel health insurance. This form of coverage ensures that you have the appropriate medical coverage when you travel to another country and get sick or injured. The bottom line is that most insurance companies do not make allowances for international travel in their policies, which means that when you leave the country you are at risk financially should the unfortunate happen while you are on vacation (or traveling for business). In fact, according to the US Center for Disease and Control Prevention, at least half of travelers have health issues that need to be attended to while traveling. Learn the facts about Florida international travel health insurance, so you can decide if this protection will work for you.

Government Sponsored Health Insurance

Many people are under the misconception that if they are traveling in a country with government sponsored insurance that they too can take advantage of it when they are traveling. That simply is not true. Countries with this kind of insurance do not provide coverage for travelers; this is a benefit only for their citizens. Another interesting fact is that often the cost of medical care for non-citizens is much higher than that same care would be in America.

Short Term Travel Insurance

Travel insurance comes in a variety of packages. If you are traveling for a short time then you can purchase travel insurance that covers you for as little as two days. This type of insurance works very well for business trips that take you out of the country. The nice thing about short-term travel insurance is that it can be extended if necessary. If your trip takes longer than initially anticipated, then you can call your insurance company and pay for extended coverage. Check your policy for his option, it may be worth paying a little more for this flexibility if you believe that your trip might be extended. Most policies can be extended to three years if necessary.

Long Term Travel Insurance

For those who plan on living abroad for work, or simply because they want too, then there is the option for long-term travel insurance. Long-term travel insurance allows you to purchase a comprehensive 12 month plan that is guaranteed renewable every year. This is much like the insurance that you would purchase when you live in the United States except for it covers you in the country you are living in and while you are traveling into other countries as well, (US coverage is usually extra, however).

Much like the insurance that you are accustomed to already, long-term plans are available at different coverage levels and can include things like deductibles, co-pays, out of pocket maximums, and maximum yearly or life-time coverage. How much you can afford to pay for your policy will determine what options you choose for your coverage.

FL Travel Insurance for Students

Travel insurance for students is also necessary. If you are a student who is studying abroad while earning credit for college, you will find that your college or university will require you to purchase travel insurance and provide proof of that coverage. This is a requirement to stay enrolled in the college. Because colleges require students to carry insurance at all times, you should check your student insurance policy to see if it includes international travel, as some do and some do not, before you purchase travel insurance. As a student, you can purchase travel plans that include specialty coverage such as coverage if you play a sport that could cause you injury. There are typically budget plans available for students who cannot afford a more comprehensive plan when they travel.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Something that every traveler should consider when purchasing travel insurance is trip cancellation insurance. Most airlines, cruise ships and tour companies (if you are using one) do not offer reimbursement if you become ill while traveling and have to go home early. In fact, you may find that you are faced with additional fees if you try to change your flight to go home. For a cruise, a ship will not turn around and bring you home, you will have to find other forms of transportation to return. Trip reimbursement insurance will cover the costs of your trip as well as any additional cost to you for getting home.

Purchasing FL International Travel Health Insurance

Although it can be daunting to know what kind of insurance you need and what kind of coverage to purchase when you travel, you don’t have to go it alone. Our independent agents will answer all of your questions without bias, as they do not work for a specific insurance company. This means that you will be provided with the information that you need to help you make the best choices for you and not the insurance company.

Saving money is also a concern for most people and using the free FL health insurance quote tool found at the top of this page will ensure that you get an affordable rate for your international travel insurance policy. You will be able to compare the rates from several companies and determine which one suits you and your budget the best. So go ahead, enter your home zip code and get rate quotes that will let you travel, right now.