Florida Medical Discount Card

If you are considering getting a Florida medical discount card, be sure that you understand exactly what you are getting for your money before committing to buy it. People often want to know if these cards are insurance card, coupons or ID cards. As a resident of FL, you will want to be sure that you understand what you are getting for your money and if a medical discount card makes sense.

The first thing that you need to understand before you agree to sign up for a Florida medical discount card is that you are not buying health insurance. The fees that you pay for the card entitle you to a discount on the cost of medical services only. If you apply and get approved for medical insurance coverage, once you have paid the amount of your annual deductible, the insurance company will start paying for some of the cost of your medical expenses. Even if you need to pay co-pays, with most policies there is a limit to the amount you are required to pay. None of this applies with medical discount cards.

Hospital Benefits

If you needed to hospitalized and/or have surgery and had a large medical bill, the medical discount card will entitle you to a certain percentage off the cost of the services. You may even be asked to pay for the cost of your care up front, before receiving a refund on the discounted amount. Buying insurance coverage, on the other hand, means that the insurance company will pay for a portion of your medical care, up to the policy limits.

Another factor that you will want to familiarize yourself with is the terms and conditions that are attached to the medical discount card. Some plans require members to give notice before they use the card. Some programs specify that you must give at least seven day’s notice before the discount will be honored at a doctor’s office.

For hospital stays, the notice period is even longer. You may find out that the plan you are considering requires you to give 30 day’s notice before you can get the discount. That may work if you are waiting to have surgery, but it may not be the best choice if you need emergency care.

Prescription Drugs

Another area where it pays to read the fine print when it comes to medical discount cards is when it comes to prescription drugs. With some plans, you will get a better deal on your medications if you pay the full cost of a generic brand than if you used your discount card to get a name brand drug. Be sure that you understand which medications are covered under the plan and which ones are excluded before you sign up for this kind of coverage.

Confirm That Your Doctor Is A Plan Participant

Before you sign up for a medical discount card plan, you will want to check with your doctor and local hospital beforehand to ensure that they are prepared to offer you a discount on your health care services. You will also want to ask your pharmacist if he or she will recognize the plan.

Canceling Existing Health Insurance

If you decide to give up your existing health insurance coverage in favor of a medical discount card, you may not be able to qualify for medical insurance coverage after the fact. Your health status may have changed from the time you were originally approved for health insurance, and the company will base your application on your health at the time the form is submitted. A better choice is to add the medical discount card to your existing medical insurance plans if you feel that it makes sense.

Clarify What The Plan Covers

A medical discount card plan that isn’t clear about what the benefits are should be considered a red flag. Be sure that you understand what you are getting before you commit to the plan. If you have any concerns about whether the medical discount card is right for you, then don’t sign up for it.

Check With The Better Business Bureau

Feeling pressured to make a decision quickly may be a sign that the medical discount card is not the best choice to help you manage the cost of your health insurance coverage. Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau before you make a final decision about whether to sign up or not.

Find Out Your FL Health Insurance Options Now!

Now that you know what to consider before you sign up for a Florida medical discount card, why don’t you consider all of your options and get a quote for FL health insurance coverage, too? You can speak to an independent agent at the number above. The free health insurance comparison tool on this page is also at your disposal, and a great way to get a variety of quotes on plans. Click on it to get started today!