How To Fill Out A Florida Health Insurance Application

Once you have decided on a health insurance company in Florida, the next step is learning how to fill out a Florida health insurance application. Filling out an application can be time consuming, but there are some ways to make this easier and more time efficient (and if you have ever filled out an application for Florida car insurance then take heart because your Florida health insurance application will likely be much easier and take less time). It is very important that the information put on your application is accurate. Inaccurate information on a health insurance application in FL can disqualify you from benefits in the future or cause the insurance company to give you the incorrect premium amount. Know how to fill it out accurately to save your self time and money.

Your Information

The first step in filling out a FL health insurance application is to have all of your information collected and accessible. For each person that will be covered under the policy, you will need their complete name, date of birth, address, social security number, and phone number. For each person you will also need to know health history including dates of surgeries, treatments, and diagnosis. You may have to provide the names and numbers of previous doctors, insurance companies, or pharmacies that you have used.

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Applications

If you are filling out an application for an employer, there will typically be someone who works for your employer that can lead you through the process. Or the company will send a representative to assist in the application process. Most companies have one or two specific times each year when open enrollment is available. You may have to wait until that time to fill out an application and receive coverage. Some insurance companies allow new hires to enroll at anytime.

Some group plans through employers will accept anyone no matter what pre-existing conditions exist, so the application process is much easier. Typically, an employment based application will not require a physical or health exam. Employment based applications are standardized so there aren’t a lot of options of coverage to fill out. The one choice you will have to make is choosing which doctor you will use for yourself and your family members. If you have a specific doctor that you want to choose, make sure that doctor accepts the insurance plan.

Individual Health Insurance Applications

If you are applying for an individual or family plan apart from an employer, the application process is much more involved. This can actually work to your benefit as it allows you to custom make a plan that fits your needs and budget parameters. Some companies may have an agent who will come to your home and assist you with filling out your information. If the company requires a medical exam, you can bring the company’s paperwork to a local physician or clinic. To make the process easier, some companies offer the option of an in home physical through a company contracted physician. This can save you time, money, and ensure that the results are given to the company right away.

At any time during an online application process you can contact an independent agent at the number on this web page. These professionals can help guide you through the process and answer your questions. Just because you are getting an individual policy does not mean that you have to do it alone.

Online FL Health Insurance Applications

Many applications can be filled out online with a fill in the blank application. All answers can be typed and information can be saved as you go through the process. You can start at one time and come back and finish a saved application. When the form is complete, you just print a copy for your records and submit the application to the company. Many companies have an online agent that can assist you as you go along. Or you can call the company’s toll free number to help you with any questions. If you use a quote tool device, you will only need to fill out that data once to receive information from several companies.

FL Health Insurance Application Fees

As far as payment is concerned, some companies require an application fee to be paid when the application is filled out. This fee is often applied to the first month’s premium, if you are approved. Once approved, most companies require the first month’s premium before the policy is activated. With an online application, payment can be done via a debit or credit card. If you are mailing in an application a check or money order can be included.

Once you apply you can expect a 24-48 hour response for an online application and a two week response for a mailed application. The response may be acceptance, denial, or a request for additional information. Once you are approved, you will have a limited amount of time to look over your policy and sign it, making the policy official. After this, you may be required to choose a primary care physician, pediatrician, OB/GYN, family doctor, and/or hospital. Most insurance companies have a network of providers from which to choose.

Shop For FL Health Insurance Now!

Before filling out an application, you have to decide on a company. The FL health insurance quote comparison tool on this page will show you rates and quotes from top companies. This tool can help you decide on a company that will work for you within your budget. If you need additional assistance after using the tool, you can contact one of our experienced FL independent health insurance agents. Our agents are ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Take a few seconds and start by entering your zip code above now.