3 Ways to Find Affordable Florida Health Insurance

Here are 3 ways that you can find affordable Florida health insurance:

1. Compare quotes from more than one FL health insurance company. – Make sure that the companies you compare are not just the first companies that you happen to come across. You want to look for a trusted company with a good reputation – and of course that offers coverage in your zip code.

Stay away from a small “fly by night” company that although may have good intentions does not have the scale to protect your family with a large network and comprehensive coverage. Especially steer clear of any company with calendar year limits or procedure limits in their policies.

Most reputable FL medical insurance companies such as a Golden Rule United Healthcare, Aetna, or a Humana One will never have these type of limits in their policies.

2. Re-evaluate your health insurance needs and coverage annually. – Your coverage needs will change over time and maybe even more importantly so will your insurance company’s rates. Make sure that your plan still fits your needs and offers you the best value by comparing it against other top companies on at least an annual basis.

Enlist the help of one of our FL independent health insurance agents. Be wary though as many agents will claim to be independent but will only show you quotes from one company – we have access to every health insurance company in the state of Florida and we back that up by giving you access to over 20 instant health insurance quotes 24/7 from multiple companies that offer coverage in your zip code.

Remember, your health insurance needs will change over time just like your auto insurance needs. Also, your family’s insurance needs will change over time as well and you may not even realize it. There are often special things to keep in mind when looking for student health insurance just as there are when looking for student car insurance. No matter what type of insurance you are searching for – be sure and evaluate your needs often.

3. Put your health insurance agent/broker to work. – A common misconception is that you can save money on your premiums by going directly to the insurance company for health care quotes. This is not the case as by FL law health insurance rates are set by the insurance companies and regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance.

No one can charge a higher or lower rate without breaking the law. As long as the information entered in is the same then the quotes will be the same whether you go directly to a company or to an agent/broker.

Watch out for the unethical practice used by some agents called “lowballing”. This is where an agent purposefully inputs slightly incorrect information into his quotes such as date of birth that makes the potential applicant younger or changing a smoker to a non-smoker just so that he can seem to have lower rates than his/her competitors – watch out! When the application is approved the rates will of course be adjusted to their correct levels.

This is why there is such a demand for our online instant quote tool where you can input your family’s information and then view quotes from top companies side by side – right from the comfort of your own home or office!)

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