List Of All Florida Health Insurance Companies

There are many quality, licensed health insurance companies in Florida. It is quite difficult to come up with a list of all Florida health insurance companies; however, you can access data on any one you are interested in. If you want to find out if a company is available in Florida, the Florida Department of Insurance has a program that allows you to put in any company and find out if the company is licensed as well as the company’s rating. To give you an idea of what health insurance companies in Florida have to offer, here is some information on the top five companies.

Aetna Health Insurance Company

Aetna is one of the top Florida insurance companies to provide health insurance in Florida. It is licensed with the Florida Department of Insurance which offers you protection should the company not be able to pay a claim. Aetna has almost 20 million customers worldwide with access to almost 1 million providers. So, should you need health coverage when you are outside of Florida, coverage is easy to find.

Aetna offers a variety of coverage including business coverage for large and small businesses, individual coverage, and some public health care coverage. Aetna has been in business for over 150 years and continues to win awards every year for service and claim response. Whether you need individual or group coverage, Aetna has a product available.

Assurant Health Insurance Company

The financial stability of Assurant is top rated. A.M. Best rating company has given Assurant an A- which is excellent. An excellent rating means that a company can be trusted to meet its financial obligations and provide for its customers when claims need to be met. It is a Fortune 500 company with over $25 billion in assets. This is reassuring to potential customers, but what options are available?

Assurant Health Insurance Company specializes in insurance for people who are in temporary situations. For example, the self-employed, the retired, or those who are waiting for new insurance coverage to begin. Assurant focuses on being flexible so that customers have a wide variety of providers to choose from. Coverage is available outside of Florida as well. So during travel, trips, or vacations, you are still covered.

Assurant also has a guarantee that your rate will stay the same for at least one year from your enrollment date. This guarantee is for both traditional plans and for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Assurant health savings accounts allow you and your employer to deposit pre tax dollars that can be used throughout the year for qualifying medical expenses. This can include co-pays, deductibles, and prescriptions.

Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Florida (BCBSFL)

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is one of the most recognized names in the insurance industry. Close to 100 million people worldwide use Blue Cross and Blue Shield. In Florida, this company provides individual, group, and reduced health insurance through Cover Florida. This company is licensed with the Florida Department of Insurance so you can be sure that the company has been investigated and found to be sound.

BCBSFL has a Medicare Supplement insurance plan for Florida residents who are 65 and older. All other residents can choose from traditional coverage, temporary coverage, major medical or comprehensive health insurance. When employers choose BCBSFL, they have the backing of a worldwide company that can provide coverage both in and out of state and give employees access to a wide variety of providers.


CIGNA Health Insurance Company has been around for more than 200 years. The company is licensed to sell insurance in Florida and consistently scores an “A” or “A-” from Standards and Poor’s independent rating company. CIGNA offers both individual and group plans and focuses on providing fast claim service and referral responses. Both individuals and groups can choose from an HMO, PPO, or POS plan.

Deciding what type of plan you want will depend on what type of coverage you are looking for. An HMO has a low premium but several rules and stipulations when it comes to choosing a provider. A POS gives freedom of choice from in-network and out of network providers while a PPO allows the insured to choose any doctor with preference given to in-network choices.

Avalon Healthcare Company

Avalon offers individuals the choice of a Co-pay Plan, Health Savings Account Plan or a High Deductible Plan. Each plan gives additional benefits to those who are healthy such as reimbursement for fitness centers and stress reducing therapies. They also offer an on-call nurse 24 hours a day who can help with medical concerns or insurance questions. This option alone can save subscribers money as many situations that can be addressed by phone save on both the co-pay and time away from work for a doctor’s appointment.

The Co-Pay Plan offers the most coverage available, but it also has the highest out of pocket expense when it comes to co-pays. The Health Savings Account covers medical expenses with in a calendar year using pre-tax dollars. The High Deductible Plan has the lowest premium amount, but the highest deductible.

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