Cover Florida Health Insurance Plans

Cover Florida Health Insurance Plans are offered as a way to help people living in this state get affordable coverage. Residents in Florida may want to consider getting covered under this type of health insurance plan if they have been without coverage for a while. Being without health insurance is a risky move, since the costs of health care can add up quickly. If someone can’t afford health insurance premiums, they probably won’t be able to afford to pay for a stay in the hospital. For that reason, Cover Florida Health Insurance Plans are well worth considering.

Who Is It For?

The Cover Florida Health Insurance Plan is geared towards people who currently don’t have any insurance coverage. People between the ages of 19 and 64 who haven’t had insurance coverage for at least six months are eligible to participate in the program. Unlike many health insurance options, having a pre-existing condition doesn’t disqualify a person from being covered under the Plan.

A person who doesn’t have health insurance coverage because they have lost their job and their employer-sponsored plan may be able to participate in the Cover Florida Plan. Losing one’s health insurance benefits under COBRA also makes a person eligible for Cover Florida insurance. COBRA is a law that allows people who were covered under a group health insurance plan and who have lost their jobs to keep their coverage in place as long as they pay the premiums themselves.

Unfortunately, group insurance can be more expensive than an individual plan since insurance companies need to consider that some participants will file more claims than others. A person who is more likely to file a claim against a health insurance policy represents a higher level of risk. When it comes to insurance matters, a higher level of risk translates into higher premium rates.

The breakdown of a marriage can have a number of consequences, including the loss of health insurance benefits. When a spouse dies, the survivor may be caught without health insurance as well. The Cover Florida Health Insurance Plans are available to people who find themselves in one of these situations.

Cover Florida Individual Health Plans

Since the Cover Florida plans are individual ones, they move with the person if they happen to change jobs. An employer may choose to cover part of the cost of premiums if they wish to. The employer may also choose to provide employees covered under the plan with a payroll deduction. The advantage of the latter scenario is that the employee receives a pre-tax benefit and the employer is able to take the cost as a tax deduction.

Cover Florida Coverage Options

There are six different coverage options available through this government issued and privately run program. Three plans provide coverage for preventive care, and the other three plans give subscribers coverage for hospital care and catastrophic events along with their preventive coverage. Florida residents can select the plan that gives them the level of coverage that is right for them.

Plans are available that offer coverage for office visits, routine screenings, and Emergency Room treatment. Prescription medications, diabetic supplies, hospital stays, and medical equipment are also covered. When a person has coverage for treatment from their primary care physician, as well as preventive care, they are more likely to see a doctor before their condition becomes serious enough to merit a trip to the Emergency Room. Looking after health concerns before they become more serious (and expensive) conditions makes sense from a health, as well as a cost, point of view.


The Cover Florida Health Insurance Plans are operated as Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). With this type of coverage, the participant agrees to choose a doctor to act as his or her primary care physician. The insured is required to get a referral from that doctor before seeing any specialists. Plan members agree to seek medical care from among the HMO’s network of providers.

The health care providers agree to provide services at a discounted rate when they agree to join the network. The advantage to them is that HMOs offer a guaranteed pool of potential patients. The health care providers who participate in the plan make up for their discounted fees by getting access to the plan’s members as patients. The discounted rates are passed on to plan subscribers as lower premium rates, which makes the Cover Florida Insurance Plans a more affordable way for them to get the coverage they need.

Find The FL Health Insurance Plan That Is Right For You!

If you’re uncertain if these plans are right for you, you’re not alone. The independent agents at the number above can answer your questions on both Cover Florida and a variety of other privately offered health insurance companies and policies. Get your questions answered in full, so that you can make a smart and informed choice. You can get quotes for Florida health insurance plans right now by clicking on the FL health insurance rate comparison tool at the top of this page. It’s absolutely free, and you can get the information you need today!