Florida Dental Insurance

Florida dental insurance is in high demand because the expense of a dentist can be frightening to the family pocketbook. Even the most basic of services are expensive. An examination of the teeth, without other types of services, can cost anywhere between $80 and $150 depending on the dentist. Florida dental insurance is one way to negate those costs; however, you have to be aware of the options available to you or you will find that getting dental insurance in Florida is just another expensive adventure in healthcare.

FL Dental Care With Your Employer

Most people who have had dental care with their employer are not aware of the actual cost of dental insurance. What’s more, it can be shocking to learn how limiting a personal plan can be compared to what you may have received through your employer. While your plan with your employer often covers two dental visits a year for free cleanings, x-rays, fillings etc…(often for about $20 a visit), a personal plan usually has a maximum yearly allowance, usually around $3,000 to $5,000 dollars (for any care except for maintenance), that often will not cover any serious dental work.

This does not mean that you should not pursue purchasing dental insurance. The simple fact is, having some insurance is better than no insurance at all and if you do some research, you can find some plans that will provide you with enough coverage that you can be comfortable with the dental insurance that you have.

Florida Discount Dental Plans

If you have already gone online and started a search for dental insurance, you may have faced a bit of frustration. Most searches produce dental discount plans as the only results. Here are some facts regarding this type of plan and who they might benefit.

Discount dental plans can actually be a great benefit for you and your family. They are somewhat economical and usually include cleaning, x-rays and exams for no charge. What’s more, there is usually a very good discount on basic services such as fillings and simple extractions. Most other services are discounted at between 20% to 25%. Dental discount plans are a great option for those people with very healthy teeth or in addition to actual dental insurance.

Florida Dental Insurance Options

What about actual dental insurance? There are three insurance options available for the purchase of dental insurance.

  • DHMO: The first option is called a Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO). A DHMO is based on the same premise of an HMO; you are provided with a list of providers in your area that you can choose from. The plan is comprehensive and provides coverage for all basic dental needs. Also, it covers a percentage (usually 50% to 60%) of major dental work such as crowns or wisdom tooth removal. There are usually co-pays when you use a DHMO of around $20, but this can vary.
  • PPO: The second type of dental insurance plan is called a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Again, just like its health care counterpart, a dental PPO arranges with dentists to charge less than their normal fees for services. A network of contracted dentists are provided; however, you are able to see a dentist outside of the plan if you are willing to pay the difference in price between the discounted service and what your dentist actually charges. Typically, a dental PPO is not available on its own and has to be purchased as a rider in a health insurance plan.
  • PPO and Indemnity Plan: Lastly, you can choose a PPO and Indemnity Plan combo option. This plan pays your dentist a specific amount of money depending on what services are rendered at the time of the visit. Some policies require you to pay for your services up front and then receive reimbursement at a later date. What’s more, other services not generally covered under insurance (such as dentures and tooth replacement) are offered at a discounted rate.

Things To Take Into Consideration

When considering what kind of Florida dental insurance to purchase, you should take into consideration what the annual maximum coverage is going to be. Much like when you have a deductible, the higher your annual maximum coverage is, the more you are going to pay for your dental insurance. Speaking with one of our independent agents will help you to determine how much you should consider for your maximum coverage based on your family size and needs.

There are other things to consider when choosing your Florida dental insurance, such as whether or not your dentist is available under the plan you are considering. If you do not have children, this may not be a consideration. However, with children, especially young children, if you already have a dentist that they are comfortable with, then you may want to consider a plan that includes the person that they are familiar with. Or one that at least includes a local pediatric dentist.

The next thing you should think about is what kind of coverage you are going to be able to get and whether or not your dentist is allowed to determine what procedure is best for you. There is a growing trend in the healthcare industry where insurance companies choose whether a procedure is allowed. There are times you may not be allowed to receive treatment your dentist deems necessary. It is important that you choose a plan that allows your dentist to make the medical decisions about the health of your teeth.

You should also consider how comprehensive your coverage is. You will probably want to purchase a plan that covers at least 50% of services that are not routine (such as crowns and root canals). Some plans vary and will cover more or less, but you need to decide how much you can afford to pay out of pocket for these kinds of services.

Compare Your Florida Dental Insurance Options Right Now!

There are many other things that you should consider when choosing your dental insurance plan as well. Take the time to speak with one of our independent agents at the number above to discuss what you should know about dental insurance, and ask what kinds of plans will be best for you and your family. You can also compare rates from various insurance companies for your dental insurance by using the free quote tool found at the top of the page. Comparing dental rates and Florida health insurance rates will ensure that you are paying the least amount of money possible for the coverage that you receive. Why not start with your zip code and the click of a mouse now?

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