Florida Health Insurance Companies

There are many different Florida health insurance companies. If you know which providers are the 10 best health insurance companies in Florida, you have a major advantage in your health insurance shopping. Such knowledge will save you a great deal of time, by limiting the number of companies you need to check out. It can also save you from a costly mistake if you choose one of those which are not in the 10 best FL health insurance companies. If you need some further guidance, you can ask one of our independent and unbiased agents for further assistance.

Aetna Florida Health Insurance Review

One of the top insurance companies in the Sunshine State is undoubtedly Aetna. Aetna is a great company that offers a variety of different plans to choose from including an HMO, PPO and POS. Medicare supplement plans are also amongst their offerings. Aetna also offers a variety of options to cover all your healthcare needs and has unparalleled member services. They will even help you decide which plan is the right fit for you. Aetna Health of Florida is listed as a stable insurer according to A.M. Best; an independent insurance rating company that rates insurers worldwide.

Blue Cross Florida Health Insurance Review

Blue Cross is one of the biggest and most recognizable names in health insurance. This truly great company offers comprehensive coverage for the individual or family seeking health insurance coverage. In addition to their traditional offerings are discount programs, new low-cost programs, temporary plans, health savings accounts and much more. The many benefits include access to online health information and tools to help you manage your health, as well as your healthcare expenses. Blue Cross of Florida is a stable insurer according to A.M. Best.

Humana Florida Health Insurance Review

Humana Florida is a great company which offers three different types of plans: Portrait, Autograph and Monogram. There are multiple variations available within each one. With the options offered by Humana, it is easy to customize a plan that completely meets your needs, budget and the level of risk you are comfortable assuming when it comes to healthcare. Online services are available for your convenience. A team is available to counsel you on healthcare decisions. Humana also offers great discounts on health related purchases. Independent assessor A. M. Best labels Humana a stable company.

Golden Rule United Healthcare Florida Health Insurance Review

Golden Rule United Healthcare Florida is another great option amongst the health insurance companies in the Sunshine State. Their offerings include three different plans to meet a variety of needs. They include a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan, Co-pay plans and High-deductible plans. They have been around for more than 60 years and pride themselves on the care they take of their customers and the values that are central to the company. They are rated A for stability and strength by A.M. Best.

CIGNA Florida Health Insurance Review

CIGNA Florida is a very good company; however, they are new to the Florida individual health insurance market. Traditionally a very strong company for group health insurance, CIGNA offers a variety of coverage to fit most any needs. Their plans for individual coverage include a health savings plan and a point of service plan. There is also a health information line available to members, a discount program, online plan management and much more. CIGNA Healthcare of Florida is deemed excellent in terms of financial strength, according to a leading independent insurance rating company.

Avalon Florida Health Insurance Review

Avalon Florida health insurance company is a very small company and relatively new to the Florida individual market also; however, they are a respected company with a good reputation. The options to choose from with Avalon include plans with co-pays, those with high deductibles and no co-pays, as well as numerous plans to match with HSA’s.

Assurant Florida Health Insurance Review

Assurant Florida is another of the great health insurance providers in the state. Their coverage is valid worldwide and has a high lifetime maximum at $8 million. The choice of health care providers is extensive and they do not require referrals for appointments. There are high deductible plans with no co-pays and low deductible plans with co-pays, to meet differing needs. Assurant is a strong company according to A.M. Best.

Celtic Florida Health Insurance Review

Celtic Florida is a good health insurance company, but their presence in Florida is relatively small. They have a variety of plans available to Sunshine State residents including short term health insurance, health savings accounts, low cost basic health plans and a more comprehensive preferred provider organization plan for coverage similar to group plans. Celtic Insurance is considered stable by A.M. Best.

Continental General Florida Health Insurance Review

Continental General Florida is another good company providing health insurance in the state, but which also has a small presence here. The thing that sets this company apart from many others is the fact that it specializes in offering a variety of health insurance products for senior citizens in addition to products for younger people also. Continental General has a stable rating according to A.M. Best

Coventry Florida Health Insurance Review

Coventry Florida is a good health insurance company, but is new to the Florida individual market. They do however, have a strong local team in the state and are backed by a Fortune 500 firm. Coventry offers multiple managed care plans to meet the needs of individuals and families.

Some NOT so Good Health Insurance Companies In Florida

While there are many companies that offer great coverage, good customer care and are tailored to appeal to a variety of individuals, there are many others which are not tops in Florida health insurance.

United American Florida Health Insurance is a good company; however, they only offer very limited benefit plans. They should be considered only as a last resort.

Mega Life Florida Health Insurance is a company that should be avoided at all costs. They are a rather horrible company with very limited benefit plans and a history of complaints at the Florida Department of Insurance and the NAIC. Steer clear of its plans if quality health insurance is something you value.

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