Florida Health Insurance for College Students

Finding Florida health insurance for college students is one more pressure for both the adult children and parents involved. Being a student comes with enough challenges on its own. Worrying about health insurance coverage doesn’t need to be one of those worries. College students are often caught between their parent’s insurance coverage and not yet being a full time employee thus not having benefits. There are many options when it comes to Florida health insurance for college students. Don’t be caught without insurance and end up left with a hefty bill at graduation if an unforeseen medical bill should present itself. You never know when minor or major surgery, a broken bone, or expensive tests may present itself.

Option #1 Get Health Insurance Through Your School

There are many colleges and universities that offer their own health insurance plans. Within the state of Florida there are dozens of colleges, universities, and community colleges available that offer insurance plans. These plans are backed by The American College Student Association and offer different types of coverage depending on student’s needs.

Though each school is slightly different, there are general eligibility requirements that must be met at each school. You must be a registered full-time student taking at least 6 credit hours in a classroom setting. Internet studies or at home courses do not qualify. Students must attend class for 31 days after coverage begins. The insurance provider will investigate students to make sure these basic requirements are met.

Dependents are also eligible for coverage under student insurance in this format. Though each school is different, the average rate for students under 24 is $800 per year. For those 24 to 30 the average rate is $1,000 per year and for those 31 or older, the average rate is $1,400 per year. A spouse can be covered for about $2,300 per year and a child for $1,200 per year. You can use student loan money to pay your medical insurance expenses.

Option #2 Short Term Coverage

Another option for college students is short term coverage. Short term coverage is not just for students. It is for anyone who finds themselves without insurance and needs a temporary solution. Though each insurance company offers different coverage, there are some general medical coverage choices are given through short term insurance programs.

Some typical medical situations that are covered through short term insurance are hospital charges, surgery, doctor visits, intensive care, x-rays, lab work, radiology, receiving blood, ambulance transport, mammograms, pap smears, and other gynecological care. Short term insurance rates are typically the cheapest when you pay for several months at a time. However, you do have the option of making monthly payments.

Option #3 Paying To Stay On A Parent’s Plan

Many family plans allow for full time students to be covered until the age of 24; but, some plans only allow for coverage up until age 19. If you do qualify to stay on a family plan, this is a wise choice. Even paying your portion of the premium to your parents can save you money versus purchasing your own plan. Some insurance policies will allow for you to stay on the plan after your reach the age cut off for an additional fee. This may still be cheaper than getting a new plan altogether.

If the reason you are not able to use your family plan is because you will be moving out of the in-network area of your parent’s insurance, talk to the company. You may be able to pay for the extra cost of seeing an out of network provider which is usually not 100%. This may still be less expensive then purchasing a new plan.

Option #4 Get An Individual Health Insurance Plan

There are insurance companies that have been licensed with the Florida Department of Insurance. These companies have been researched by the state of Florida and found to have sound business practices and the financial means to back up claims. Following are some of the licensed companies in Florida. These companies have individual plans that cover those living in the state of Florida and some companies have special discounts for students. Some of the top companies offering coverage in Florida are Aetna, Avalon, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, CIGNA, Coventry, Humana, United Healthcare, and others.

Option #5 Get Coverage Through A Part-Time Job

As a college student, it is very difficult to find a full time job that works around you schedule and leaves you enough time to study and attend classes. But finding a part time job can not only help you with expenses but also provide you with health insurance coverage. Many companies have an insurance option for part-time employees. Having even just the basics covered by an insurance plan can give you peace of mind and protect you from large medical bills.

Which Option Is For You?

If you aren’t sure which option is for you, you can use the comparison tool on this page right now. This tool allows you to compare rates and quotes from top companies so you can find one that matches your needs and budget. If you still have questions after using the tool, you can contact one of our independent agents who will answer any remaining questions. Having adequate health coverage during college will help you function at your best as you start your future. Why not take the first step by entering your zip code into the box above and start finding the very best Florida health insurance today?