Florida Health Insurance for the Unemployed

Florida health insurance for the unemployed is a useful tool to help manage the stress of an already difficult situation. Being unemployed is stressful. There are still bills and family needs to take care of, and if you had your health insurance through your job, there is even more to consider. But you don’t need to go without health insurance if you live in Florida. Going without insurance can cause the bills to pile up when a medical situation occurs. Here are some options for Florida health insurance for the unemployed.


Medicaid is a federal program that provides medical, dental, and vision insurance for those without income or those with low income. Eligibility requirements are based on family size, income, and living arrangements. Though this is a federal program, each state sets its own rules, regulations, and eligibility requirements based on the demographics of the state.

Florida has an extensive Medicaid program with several offices in every county to help you apply. Florida also has an easy online application system. Many providers, hospitals, and clinics throughout the state accept Medicaid, so finding quality care isn’t difficult. Medicaid extends to all your dependents as well. If you are 65 or older, you qualify for Medicare which will provide the coverage you need.

Cover Florida

Cover Florida is a health insurance program that was developed by the Governor and legislators. It does not cost the taxpayers anything. It is specifically designed for people who do not qualify for Medicaid but still cannot purchase a traditional health insurance policy. Plans start at $83 per person, but plans are also available for families.

The way the program works is like this: the state contracted with six insurance companies to provide coverage at a discounted rate to Florida residence who qualify. All insurance information, correspondence, etc. is done between you and the insurance company. The only way the state is involved is by monitoring the companies to make sure they are providing proper service. Different companies are provided in each Florida county.


COBRA stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. In 1986 this program was made available to prevent sudden loss of insurance from an employer. If you lose your insurance because you lost your job or because your employer no longer provides it, you can use COBRA. This includes any coverage for a spouse of dependent. It is short term coverage so the longest that you can use this coverage is 18 months.

The way COBRA works is that you pay the insurance company directly the entire amount of your premium. This includes the part your employer paid. So your out of pocket payment will increase but your coverage, co-pays, and co-insurance will stay the same. With COBRA, there is no interruption in coverage as long as all the right paperwork is filled out and submitted by the pre-set deadline. COBRA is often a good option for unemployed college graduates until they find a job or can obtain individual health care coverage.

Florida Unemployment Insurance

The State of Florida also administers its own unemployment insurance for those who meet eligibility requirements. Each state runs its program based on their own statistics and demographics within the federal guidelines that have been set forth.

Unemployment Compensation (also called unemployment insurance) provides temporary wage replacement benefits to qualified individuals who are out of work through no fault of their own.

Join a Spouse’s Plan

If you have the opportunity to join a spouse’s health insurance plan, this is a good option. Most insurance companies have enrollment dates for group coverage so you may not be able to enroll right away. You could use COBRA until the enrollment date is open. However, many insurance companies will make an exception in cases such as adoption, birth, or unemployment of a spouse. Contact your spouse’s insurance company and see what their rules and regulations are.

Short Term Insurance

Short Term Insurance was created for those who find themselves temporarily without insurance. Some people who find this useful are recent college graduates, those ending a COBRA coverage, or those who are temporarily unemployed. Short term insurance provides basic medical coverage and approval can be given in one day. Coverage can begin immediately after you are approved and provide your first payment. Payments are less when you pay for several months at a time but you can pay monthly.

It’s often tempting to go without any health insurance for a short period of time. However, the financial and health impact if disease or an accident occurs accidently can be devastating. Consider your obligations to other family members and loved ones before you make a decision. Short term coverage offers both insurance and peace of mind.

What Should You Do?

Deciding what insurance option to go with when you are unemployed doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, you can use the comparison tool on this page right now to compare quotes and rates from top companies. This tool can help you see all your options before making a decision. If you still need help after you use the tool, you can contact one of our independent agents who can answer any questions you might have. You can be in control, despite difficult time. Just type your zip code in to the quote tool above, and get the information you need on the various FL health insurance options right now.