Freedom Health Insurance Florida

There are many choices available today when it comes to health care coverage and one is Freedom Health Insurance. Florida families want an affordable plan, but no one wants to give up vital coverage just to save money.

This provider says that they strive to help people save money while still providing great coverage. Frankly, you need to make that determination based on your health, finances and individual and family medical needs. The following information will give the facts about Freedom Health Insurance; Florida residents can then decide if this plan is best for them.

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History of Freedom Health FL

Freedom Health is different than other insurance companies because it is owned by private investors and doctors. The company’s belief it that it is operated from a physician’s viewpoint so the most important needs of patients are met. It was incorporated in order to give top notch health care coverage to residents of Florida. As the company has grown, it has been able to offer public health care programs as well.

One of the main directives of this provider is to improve the lives of their members. They do this by providing excellent medical care when a sickness or medical need arises. They also work to prevent diseases from developing through preventive care coverage and wellness checks so that invasive medical care may not be needed. The company believes that one of the major areas that suffer when people don’t have adequate coverage is preventive care. This is supported by numerous studies that show that adequate sleep, proper weight, dental care, exercise and nutrition and lifestyle choices are linked to major illnesses and chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

3 Types Of Coverage Offered

Freedom Health offers three types of plans. Each plan is for a specific group of people and works to provide for and meet the needs of those individuals. Each plan was customized by physicians who understand the needs of people in each group from the elderly to infants. No matter what type of coverage, web access is guaranteed to help you make payments, find physicians and hospitals, and contact agents. Along with this, they offer fast claim service and field staff who can come to you if you need assistance with understand your coverage.

The first type of coverage offered is the Freedom Medicare Plan. The company has contracted with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to offer a plan that is another option to straight Medicaid. The benefit of this plan over traditional Medicaid is an expansion of services and coverage. This plan is especially important in Florida where a larger portion of the population is of retirement age and is Medicare eligible.

Freedom Medicaid offers prescription coverage, preventive care, dental coverage, vision coverage, and hearing benefits. Many of these are not covered on a straight Medicaid plan and have to be provided for either out of pocket or through a supplemental plan. These options are often difficult for those on a fixed income.

The second type of coverage offered is Medicaid. Medicaid is government funded health care that is paid for by tax payers. It is a federally regulated program but each state sets its own standards, polices, and eligibility. This is based on the average income of the state, demographics, and state budgets.

In Florida, there are many different companies that work with Medicaid to provide enough coverage for its members. Freedom Health’s Medicaid plan is called Freedom 1st and offers members a wide variety of options in coverage and providers. There are several reasons an individual or family may qualify for Medicaid. Freedom believes that everyone should be able to have access to excellent healthcare no matter what the circumstance.

The third type of coverage is commercial coverage. By commercial they mean non-government funded health care. Commercial coverage is for both individuals and small businesses. These different plans are called Liberty Plans and are for individuals, families, or small businesses with 1 to 50 employees.

Commercial plans include HMO plans that require members to use in-network providers. HMO plans have co pays for medical service that have to be paid at the time of the service. Also included are plans with lower premiums. Freedom’s lower premium plans have deductibles and co-insurance. Co-insurance means that the member pays a portion of the cost and the insurer pays the rest.

Commercial plans are eligible to participate in a Health Savings Account option. These accounts allow both employees and employers to contribute pre-tax dollars to an account that can be used for qualifying medical services. Money can be withdrawn from the account to pay deductibles, co-pays, prescriptions, and other medical situations.

Is Freedom Health Insurance For You?

This information may not be enough to decide if this plan is right for you. You can use the comparison tool on this page right now to compare rates and quotes from top companies. Looking at rates and quotes from different companies can help you make your decision. If you still need help, you can contact one of our independent agents to answer any questions you may have about Freedom Health Insurance, Florida insurers or any other facts. Enter your zip code now, and get the quotes you need to make a good choice today for your Florida health insurance needs today!