Port Saint Lucie Florida Health Insurance

Finding Port Saint Lucie health insurance quotes is easy. Being able to carry health insurance is increasingly becoming a problem for many Americans, and why many of you in are seeking Port Saint Lucie, Florida health insurance information.

The majority of Americans that carry health insurance receive their coverage through an employer, a spouse’s employer, or a parent’s employer. Other Americans Port Saint Lucie receive their FL health insurance coverage through the public health care system of Medicare and Medicaid.

But if you do not have one of these options, you do not have to become one of the growing numbers of uninsured people in the United States. If you are looking for health insurance in Port Saint Lucie, Florida there are many options available to you and your family. When looking at some of the facts about the uninsured you will see why finding a Florida health insurance plan that works for you is vital.

Fact #1 The Uninsured Don’t Always Receive Prompt Care

Access to specialists, urgent care, and doctor’s appointments are all part of receiving prompt care. When an illness, injury, or medical need arises, prompt care can usually stop the problem from becoming worse. But for the uninsured, the end of the waiting list is where their name typically goes.

This is because specialists, doctors, and medical facilities tend to cater to the insured. They know that payment will be received, and that the patient has gone through the proper channels to make sure a specialist or follow up visit is necessary. They also know that someone with insurance most likely hasn’t waited until the last possible moment to seek out treatment.

For the uninsured, there are no proper channels to go through. Furthermore, many people without medical insurance wait until their symptoms, aliments or illnesses are more than they can bear to seek out treatment. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in a waiting game and prompt care is not always received.

Fact #2 Uninsured People Are Not As Healthy As Insured People

Several studies confirm that uninsured people are not as healthy as insured people. There are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the lack of follow up that takes place with the uninsured. Many insurance companies require a follow up visit after an accident or illness has been treated. This follow up ensures that the proper treatment has taken place and makes it less likely that coverage will be required for this same issue in the future.

For the uninsured, follow up is completely voluntary and of course, means more out of pocket money to be paid. The result is that many uninsured people do not participate in follow up care. Without follow up, conditions can continue and sometimes worsen making uninsured people less healthy than those who are insured.

Another reason for this fact is that uninsured people are less likely to re-fill prescriptions and more likely to self adjust doses of medication. Again, this is economically motivated. Prescription drug costs are skyrocketing and the uninsured pay every penny out of pocket.

Fact # 3 The Uninsured Are Less Likely To Receive Preventative Care

Most Florida health insurance companies require preventative care on some level. They know that detecting a medical condition early or preventing a medical condition all together can save them money in the future. Again, with the uninsured preventive care is completely voluntary and must be paid out of pocket.

Wellness check ups, health screenings, and the like often fall to the side when many uninsured people struggle just to pay for emergencies or illnesses that arise. A more frightening aspect of this is the many critical preventive care issues that go unchecked.

For example, yearly mammograms can often detect breast cancer before any symptoms occur or before a growth is noticeable to a doctor or the patient. Uninsured women are more likely to wait until they feel a lump or until symptoms begin before they seek medical treatment. Also, simply treated chronic conditions such as asthma are not being treated because of the cost involved. For example, many asthmatic patients simply need an inhaler to solve breathing issues, but many uninsured people do not get one because of the cost.

Fact #4 Medical Expenses Cause Financial Burdens For The Uninsured

The main reason most people without insurance do not carry insurance is due to cost. They have too much income to qualify for public health assistance, but are not covered under an employer. The uninsured are very likely to carry medical bills that cause a financial burden. A simple trip to the Emergency Room can cause $500 just to be seen by a triage nurse. After being seen by a doctor, receiving necessary treatment, and filling a prescription, the average bill can be well over $1500.

This creates a cycle for the uninsured that is difficult to get out of. Mounting medical expenses cause the uninsured to not seek medical attention when needed which often results in needing more extensive, costly care in the future. The need for care is constantly weighed against the cost for care.

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