President Barack Obama and Florida Health Insurance

Health care changes are coming because of President Barack Obama, and Florida health insurance is one of those areas that will be significantly impacted. In fact, practically every time someone new is in office in Washington things change far and wide in our country. To date, FL health insurance has been affected little by President Barack Obama. However, much of the information being given by his administration leads the public to believe that deep and far-reaching changes are imminent.

President Obama’s Health Care Concerns

Our current president is concerned with the state of health care in our country. He believes that too many people lack access to quality health care coverage, and feels that premiums are too high, too many people are completely uninsured and that the overall system is in need of repair. President Obama claims that reforming the health care system is the number one way to go in order to solve the problems it is facing. His emphasis is also on preventative care improvement and the advancement of research and new technologies.

Reasons Why Florida Needs Health Reforms

The state of Florida is one the states with the highest rates of uninsured individuals. More that 3.5 million Floridians are without health insurance coverage. Obama’s health insurance reforms are meant to help the people in that category who cannot afford health insurance coverage. In today’s challenging economy more and more companies are making cuts to their workforce, salaries and benefits. This means that even fewer people than before have or can afford health insurance.

Florida also has a variety of other challenges that reinforce the need for health reforms in the Sunshine State. There is a serious lack of choice when it comes to health insurers serving Florida. This means that Floridians have a lesser chance of finding affordable rates to meet their needs. 78% of all the employers in the state are categorized as small businesses. Significantly less than half of them offer health insurance benefits to their employees.

President Obama’s team also underscores the fact that health care costs in the state of Florida are very high. Middle class Floridians devote over 10% of their income to such costs. Research indicates that at least 15% of the state’s residents avoid doctor visits because of the cost. There is also a hidden health tax that Floridians have to bear because there are such a high number of people in the state who are without health insurance. This totals about $1,400 per family and business per year.

In addition to the financial difficulties of Floridians and the other factors that make health insurance so inaccessible, those living in the state suffer from inadequate preventative care and high risk factors. More than 18% of kids there are considered to be obese. In addition to weight problems in our youngest residents, many of the screening tests that should be regularly performed older individuals are not done. This means that when certain illnesses are caught, they have often progressed much further than necessary. Often this results in higher medicinal and surgical costs or, in extreme cases, death.

Because of all these things, many feel it is even more imperative that President Obama’s health care changes take effect in Florida sooner rather than later. Even those who oppose the president’s plan are likely to agree that health insurance greatly increases a person’s chances of living longer and enjoying a better quality of life. Sunshine State residents deserve these benefits.

Expected Results In Florida From Health Reform

The present government has stated that many benefits will come from the implementation of the proposed health reforms. One of the most lucrative benefits for Floridians is the elimination of the hidden tax, the $1,400 families and businesses pay yearly to help pay health care costs for the uninsured. It is also supposed to help small businesses by making health insurance coverage more accessible for them to offer their employees. It is also intended to help those affected by health insurance cost increases in recent years. The reforms will also put stricter guidelines in place that insurers must abide by, so that their clients are not unfairly burdened with health care costs that are not covered by their plans.

Changes in the choices the average Florida resident has when it comes to health care is another of the much-touted benefits expected from the health reforms. More people are supposed to become eligible for health insurance through their employers. Stumbling blocks that keep many with pre-existing conditions from being eligible for insurance are meant to be removed. The competition in the health insurance market in the state is supposed to increase. Preventative health care will receive more emphasis. Healthcare for neglected sectors of the population like the elderly and children will be addressed. Families will also have more control over their healthcare.

Concerns Over President Barack Obama’s Health Insurance Changes

While the President’s concerns with health care may be valid, there are many who are very concerned about how his plans to fix this crisis will affect them negatively. One of the biggest concerns is about where the money to fund such changes will come from. President Obama has expressed the intention to make changes to the existing healthcare plans, such as Medicare, in order to trim the excess from such programs, to help create more plans that are available to people who need health insurance and do not presently qualify. Many of those who now receive Medicare benefits are afraid that these cuts will mean poorer health care coverage for them. The privately run Medicare Advantage plan is one of those plans in the most danger of cuts.

Others who have heard a variety of negative comments about socialized medicine are concerned that the government is becoming too involved in a sector of the economy that should be predominantly privately controlled. They fear overtaxed systems, poorer quality care and long wait times for care for those who use the government plans.

Surprising News About Private Health Insurance

Many individuals are surprised to learn just how affordable private health insurance really is. Many more individuals and families can in fact afford private health insurance, especially if they are in good health. Before settling into a government run plan, which may or may not be the best fit for you, check out the cost of private Florida health insurance through companies serving the area in which you live.

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