Short Term Health Insurance in Florida

Finding adequate short term health insurance in Florida is crucial because facing a period of time without health insurance can be a scary proposition. For those people who find themselves in a transitional period in their lives that leaves them without health insurance coverage, there is the option to purchase short term health insurance.

Short term health insurance in Florida refers to any insurance plan that provides health insurance coverage for a short period of time, usually about one to six months. However, this time can be extended as needed for up to two and a half years.

If you are wondering if short term health insurance in Florida is a possible solution for your needs, read the fact below before you decide and then shop for Florida health insurance quotes online with our free quote tool.

Because of tough economic times, more people are finding themselves in a situation where they no longer have a job. This is the worst time to be without health insurance so it is important that individuals in this situation find short term health insurance to help fill the void until they have a job that offers health insurance or they make the decision about a permanent FL health insurance plan. Being in between jobs and having a health emergency occur can quickly drain your accounts and leave you in a position of not being able to afford even the most basic necessities in life.

Short term health insurance is a temporary solution to your health insurance needs. One of the first things that you need to understand about short term health insurance is that it is only for new health conditions. Although you can get short term health insurance if you have pre-existing conditions, they will not be covered under a Florida short term health insurance plan. It is important that you plan for the expenses that occur with your pre-existing condition above and beyond your insurance costs.

Being out of work is not the only reason that you might consider purchasing short term health insurance. Most employers that offer health insurance as an incentive package have a 90 waiting period before benefits begin. This duration of time can create a lot of stress for those who are not insured and short term health insurance can make a huge difference during this waiting period. What’s more, if you have children there is no worrying about accumulating health costs while waiting for your permanent insurance to come into effect.

Children who are transitioning into adults can also benefit from short term health insurance. These are young adults who can no longer be included on their parents’ insurance policies but perhaps do not yet have a job or have not decided how to go with their permanent care. Also, college students fit into these criteria as well, especially those that are pursuing their master’s degrees and no longer qualify for their parents’ insurance. Short term health insurance can ensure that their health is taken care of during their transition period.

People who have made the choice to be out of work for a specific reason will benefit from short term health insurance as well. This might be individuals who wanted time off for personal reasons, are on strike, retired from the military, etc. Short term health insurance is very beneficial for those who know that their insurance will pick up again after a short period of time.

Short term health insurance is very similar to other premium health insurance plans. You are able to choose your own doctor as well as any specialist that you need to see. However, depending on the short term health plan you choose, you may have to receive approval from your doctor and then your insurer before you are able to have a planned procedure in the hospital. Emergencies are treated much the same way as your insurance company would treat an out of state emergency, you will have to report it to your insurance company within a pre-specified amount of time in order for your emergency to be covered by your short term health insurance.

The cost of purchasing a short term health insurance policy in FL is very reasonable. This is because no pre-existing conditions are covered and a physical is required before you can purchase short term health insurance. However, there are some down sides such as the fact that you cannot get short term health insurance for dental or vision; however, typically these two areas do not lead to emergency situations.

That being said, you will need to determine if a short term option is better for you, at this time, than taking out a comprehensive health insurance policy. There is no one right answer that covers everyone!

In order to find the best short term health insurance in Florida, or to figure out if this is the right option for you, use our free quote tool found at the top of the page or call a live agent at the number provided at the top of the page. Choosing the right short term health insurance is as important as the one you choose for yourself when you find a permanent plan and comparing with our quote tool will ensure that you get the best rates possible in the process. Why not take this important step to health and peace of mind right now?