Florida Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

People seek out Florida guaranteed issue health insurance for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, the state of Florida does not require guaranteed issue health insurance so it is up to you to find an insurance company that offers this coverage voluntarily. Some states do have guaranteed plans, but Florida is not one of them. This is why so many Floridians with serious health issues find that they have difficulties finding good health insurance. However, with a Florida Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance provided by independent carries, this problem can be solved.

Being without medical insurance can cause a person to worry constantly about their health. However, some people find that no matter how much they are willing to pay, they cannot find a major Florida carrier to insure them. Usually this is due to past health issues that amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, or the unhealthy state of the person requesting health insurance. Take some time to review your options.

Some guaranteed issue health insurance can be very expensive, so the first thing that you are going to have to do is find the right plan for the budget that you have. Most Florida companies that offer guaranteed issue health insurance offer two different kinds of plans. The first one is called a guaranteed issue major medical plan and the other is called a mini-medical or defined benefit health insurance plan.

FL Guaranteed Issue Major Medical Health Insurance

A guaranteed issue major medical health insurance plan is a fully comprehensive medical plan that covers all pre-existing conditions as well as any new conditions that occur. This plan is only for people who are employed; this includes people who are self-employed and even very small businesses. The catch to this plan is that, because it is technically a group plan, it is underwritten by a major insurance company. If the people on the plan are considered too high risk and end up using a lot of the coverage then the insurance company may drop the plan or they may charge a premium that is not affordable. The benefit of this plan, besides the comprehensive coverage, is that the policy cannot be changed for one year.

FL Mini Medical Health Insurance

The mini-medical health insurance plan is a limited plan that covers most medical conditions and situations, but has a maximum yearly payout for each type of service. For example, if you discover you have a heart condition that requires daily meds and other medical attention, a limited plan will only cover up to a specified dollar amount for medical services. This amount will vary based on the plan and could range from $5000 a year to $50000 a year. As you can imagine, the higher the yearly maximum, the more expensive the premiums will be.

High Risk Health Insurance

It is important to note that if you have been turned down for insurance by one Florida health insurance carrier that this does not mean that you will be turned down by them all. Call one of our independent agents and find out which Florida insurance companies offer regular insurance for higher risk individuals. Our agents will be able to answer your questions about regular Florida health insurance and Florida guaranteed issue health insurance as well. They will be able to direct you to the best choice for you and your family.

Employer Sponsored FL Medical Insurance

If you are employed and you have an insurance option through your employer, you should be able to obtain health insurance this way no matter how high risk that you are. Most group plans do not require a physical from their participants and many offer immediate coverage of pre-existing conditions. If a pre-existing condition is not covered immediately, there is usually a waiting period of 6 to 12 months before the condition is covered, depending on the plan. Just be aware that the healthiest members in a group plan usually end up paying higher costs for the less healthy members.

COBRA Insurance In FL

If you had insurance though an employer that you no longer work for, you are guaranteed coverage via COBRA insurance. This coverage is usually available for one year after termination of employment and is certainly something that you should look into as an option for your health insurance if you can. You can also investigate HIPPA coverage, which offers coverage for any pre-existing conditions. However, HIPPA insurance coverage is very expensive and can cost upwards of a thousand dollars a month, a fee that is prohibitive for most. Speaking to one of our independent agents will help you determine which plan is best for you.

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If you already have a health insurance plan in mind and you have all of your questions answered, then by using the free FL health insurance quote tool found on the top of this page, you can determine which insurance company is going to offer you the most affordable health insurance plan. In just minutes, you will have the ability to compare quotes side by side to see how you can save the most money on the Florida health insurance that you choose. Get started now!