Florida Health Insurance Providers

It’s easy to compare Florida health insurance providers online with our free instant quote finder. Finding a health insurance plan for yourself and your family is a very important decision. Florida health insurance providers know it is crucial to find quality health care that will give the insured peace of mind.

There are many FL health insurance providers that can offer you quality, affordable care ensuring that you and your family have the health care that you need. Each company has different options, different coverage, and different costs.

Here are some hints to follow when looking for the best Florida health insurance provider for your specific needs:

Protect Yourself

When choosing a Florida health insurance provider, choose one that is registered with Florida Department of Insurance. You can go to the FL Department of Insurance website and look up any company to see if it is registered within the state. Going with a licensed company offers a layer of protection between you and the insurance company. Should something happen to the insurance company, you will have a way to file a complaint or make sure your coverage continues.

Some of the Florida health insurance providers licensed with the Department of Insurance are:

  • Aetna Life Insurance Company
  • Assurant Health
  • Avalon Health
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
  • CIGNA Health Care
  • Connecticut General Life Insurance Company
  • Coventry Life and Health Insurance Company
  • Health First Health Plans
  • Humana Health Insurance Company of Florida
  • Mega Life and Health Insurance Company
  • Trustmark Life Insurance Company
  • United American
  • United Healthcare Insurance Company (Golden Rule/United HealthOne)

Be sure and visit our article reviewing the different Florida health insurance companies because not all of the companies mentioned above are companies that you would necessarily want to rely on.

Know What You Want

When you are ready to find a Florida health insurance provider knowing the basics of what you want will help you to be prepared. For example, know what medical situations you want to be covered under your health insurance plan. Prescription drug coverage, hospitalization, check-ups, x-rays, etc. are all things to consider when looking at coverage.

Each FL health insurance provider will have different questions and different requirements which will result in different rates. Knowing before you contact each company what you are willing to give up and what you feel you must have will save you time. You can use the comparison tool on this page to compare quotes and coverage. If you still have questions after doing this, you can call one of our independent agents to help answer any additional questions you may have. While most insurance companies have staff on hand to answer your questions, our independent agents can work with every health insurance provider in the state of Florida.

Shop Around

There are few things we buy for our home or vehicle without comparison shopping. You should do the same for your health care coverage. Just because an insurance company is licensed and you know what coverage you want doesn’t mean you should make a hasty decision. Seeing what different companies have to offer and comparing quotes and rates will give you peace of mind that you have the best, most affordable coverage.

Part of shopping around is asking for referrals. Ask your family members and friends what insurance company they are insured through. Ask them what they like or dislike about their coverage. This can give you a starting list of companies to check with for rates and coverage options. Satisfied customers are one of the best ways for insurance providers to get more business.

Don’t stop comparing after you find a Florida health insurance provider. About once a year go ahead and compare other companies, rates, quotes, and coverage to see if you are still getting your best deal. If not, you can negotiate with your current company or change companies. Be sure to do this at the right time. Some insurance companies have only a small window each year when you can withdraw without penalties.

Be Prepared For Coinsurance

Very few insurance companies offer 100% full coverage on every medical situation. When you are comparing the rates of Florida health insurance providers your monthly premium won’t be the only cost involved. Most companies have some type of coinsurance to consider. Coinsurance refers to the amount of money the insured must pay before benefits begin.

Typically coinsurance plans work on percentages. For example, the insurance company pays 80% of expenses while the insured pays 20% of the expenses. There are 90/10 plans and 70/30 plans as well. Another aspect of coinsurance is co-pays. A co-pay is the amount of money you need to pay for any number of medical situations such as doctor’s visits, hospitalization, x-rays, and lab work. Being prepared for coinsurance costs will better prepare you to choose the right Florida health insurance provider. Of course, your management of these costs can actually help you to negotiate lower premiums. Look carefully at what you can afford to pay in monthly premiums, and how much you expect to pay in co-pays based on how often you have to visit the doctor.

Compare Quotes from Top Florida Health Insurance Providers Online

No matter what Florida health insurance provider you decide to go with, following these hints can help you make a well informed decision. Remember to use the comparison tool on this page to find the company that is right for you and your family. Get started comparing quotes for Florida health insurance today!