Florida KidCare Health Insurance

Florida KidCare health insurance is the state of Florida’s children’s health insurance program for those under the age of 19 who are uninsured. One of the major concerns of parents today is finding affordable, quality health insurance for their children. In Florida, doing just that is possible.

You’ll need to understand the eligibility requirement and offerings of the KidCare health insurance program in FL before deciding if its right for you. Be sure and use the free Florida health insurance quote finder on this page and the advice of our friendly FL health insurance agents to help you make the decision on which company and plan is best for your needs.

There are many aspects of health care that are covered through this program to provide quality health insurance for children in the State of Florida. Depending on what qualifications you meet, Florida KidCare will cover some or all of the costs for the following major medical services.

Doctor’s Visits

Some parents without insurance will avoid going to the doctor because of the cost. This can result in complications in the health of the children. It can also lead to further expenses down the road if medical issues are not addressed. Because of this Florida KidCare covers doctor’s visits that regularly arise while raising children.

An important part of having health insurance coverage is having unplanned visits covered. All children go through typical illnesses such as the flu, strep throat, ear infections, and colds. Florida KidCare offers coverage for these types of visits. This can give parents peace of mind to know that should the unexplainable pain or rash come up, they can take their child to the doctor.

Check-ups And Shots

Wellness visits are some of the most important check-ups children will ever have. Through regular wellness checks, your doctor can make sure your child is healthy and prevent any issues. At wellness visits doctors will discuss any concerns parents have, talk about safety issues at the particular age of the child, and let parents know any preventative measures they can take to keep their children safe and healthy. It is often at regularly scheduled wellness visits that doctors catch something that can easily be treated but would have been major had it not been discovered.

Another important aspect of wellness check-ups is immunizations. Immunizations are crucial for the health of children. Getting immunizations on time and as directed by your pediatrician will prevent future illnesses in children. Shot records will be asked for when your child enters school, goes to daycare, or attends camp. Florida KidCare helps parents stay on track with immunizations.

Hospitalization and Surgery

No parent likes to think that they may at some point need hospitalization coverage for their child. But having hospitalization coverage is crucial not only to be able to get the best care for your child but also to avoid the debt of medical bills. Whether it’s a small need such as stitches, or a bigger need resulting in hospitalization, this state insurance program helps cover hospital visits.

Hospital coverage is not just for emergencies. Should your child need lab tests or other test such as MRIs or CAT scans, these are often done in a hospital and are part of hospital coverage. If surgery is needed for your child then this program also covers surgery and the subsequent visits that result from surgery.


At some time or another, most children need to have a prescription filled. One of the biggest costs of health insurance companies is prescription drug coverage. Having prescription coverage allows parents to get the prescriptions their children need when they need them. Not only are temporary prescriptions such as antibiotics covered, but also long term prescriptions such as inhalers and allergy prescriptions. Delaying this type of treatment can exacerbate the issues and lead to major complications. Florida KidCare provides this much needed prescription coverage so children can get the medication needed to stay healthy.

Vision And Hearing

Florida KidCare also offers vision and hearing coverage. Having regular vision and hearing checks for children is important. Early detection of vision and hearing problems gives doctors the time to correct any problems before school starts. Regularly following up on any corrections made is important for the overall health of children. Should your child need glasses or devices that aid in hearing, vision and hearing coverage helps with these expenses.


Dental health affects the health of the whole child. For example if a child has poor dental health it may be reflective of an unhealthy diet. Having regular check-ups starting at age 3 can prevent cavities and other dental health problems. At regular dentist check-ups kids can learn about proper dental care, how to brush, how to floss, and what foods to eat. At these visits, a dentist can also keep an eye on what orthodontic needs may arise and how they need to be corrected. Florida KidCare provides dental coverage to help keep Florida kids healthy.

Mental Health

There are some issues and situations that may arise in the life of a child that require mental health services. Whether it is counseling, therapy, or meeting with a psychologist, having access to mental health care is important for parents who find themselves in this situation. Florida KidCare is committed to the whole child and providing care for the whole child. Having access to mental health care if needed, can give parents opportunities to keep their child on track.

Florida KidCare Eligibility

To be eligible for Florida KidCare the child must be less than 19 year of age, uninsured, a U.S. citizen or qualified non-citizen, not be eligible for Medicaid, not be the dependent of a state employee and not be in a public institution. Parents can apply on line where they can also find answers to many questions. There is also a toll free number for enrollment purposes.

Florida KidCare Costs

There may be some cost involved when you have your child covered through Florida KidCare. Most families pay $15-$20 per month. There may also be small charges or co-payments for some of the services offered through Florida KidCare. These costs depend on your household size and income. The enrollment for Florida KidCare is open all year round.

The Importance of Children’s Health Insurance

Kids in Florida do not need to go without health insurance because of lack of access to health coverage by parents or the income of parents. If your child needs coverage either apply for Florida KidCare today so your child can get a healthy head start on life and you can get the peace of mind you need or speak with one of our licensed Florida health insurance agents to discuss the many different children’s health insurance options available in the state of Florida.

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