Florida Small Business Health Insurance

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It seems that small business owners in the state of Florida face hassle after hassle when shopping for small business health insurance. Not only is it somewhat of a hassle getting all of the employee data together for the census to obtain the quotes but it is often an energy sapping process of speaking to company agent after company agent.

There is a better way! Enlist the help of of one of our independent agents that is familiar with small business health care coverage in Florida and most importantly – can work with more than just one insurance company!

An independent Florida health insurance agent can “shop” multiple companies in order to find the best value and coverage for your small business. This is opposed to a captive agent that can only work with one insurance company (watch out for many captive agents that are “independent” in name only and not in practice).

There are many different options in health insurance for small businesses in Florida including medical reimbursement plans, HRA’s, HSA‘s, flexible spending accounts, and many more. Many small businesses are finding that offering their employees the freedom to choose their own much cheaper Florida individual health insurance plan and just have the company reimburse the employee for the cost of their monthly premiums is better for the employee in that they have freedom of choice and better for the employer because of the lower premiums.

We are independent and we back it up by showing you quotes from top companies that offer coverage in your zip code side by side. Unless you specifically ask for just quotes from one particular company then we will always show you quotes from at least 3 reputable companies that are offering you health care coverage (on the individual side we even offer instant health quotes 24/7!).

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Though health insurance costs have increased dramatically over the last 10 years, it is still possible to get affordable small business health insurance in Florida. The Florida Association of Health Underwriters allows for businesses with 2 to 50 employees to be considered under group rates making small business health insurance in Florida more affordable. For business owners, there are many benefits to having small business health insurance in Florida.

Having small business health insurance can help business owners attract employees. With the high cost of health insurance, the costly consequences of not carrying health insurance, and the overwhelming fees for individual health insurance, potential employees are looking for health insurance coverage through employers. Offering health insurance will allow employers to choose qualified candidates who are looking for benefits.

Whether your company has one employee or 50 employees, small business health insurance is not only a way to draw employees to your company, it is a good way to retain employees. A recent survey shows that having health insurance benefits is second only to the amount of a salary when people are searching for jobs. Having health insurance will put your employee’s minds at ease. They can focus on their job instead of wondering if they should look for another job that offers benefits.

Deciding on what plan is best for your small business can seem overwhelming. Business owners need to look at their budget, how many employees they have, and what coverage they would like to offer employees. Business owners can contact one of our independent agents who work with many different companies. These independent agents can help business owners select a plan. Business owners can also use our quote comparison tool which allows you to view quotes from all the top companies.

Another benefit to having small business health insurance is the tax benefits. Employers can generally deduct 100% of premium costs as long as the health insurance plan qualifies. There are also some ways to reduce payroll taxes simply by offering health insurance to employees. Our independent agents can help you better understand these deductions and reductions. For employees, their share of the monthly premium can be paid before taxes come out of their pay check. These tax benefits should be considered when looking at how small business health insurance can fit into your budget.

Small business health insurance in Florida is unique because Florida law ensures that any small business can receive a health insurance policy as long as proof of an operating business is shown. Employees cannot be denied based on pre-existing health conditions. As a business owner, you can offer employees security for themselves and their dependents through offering small business health insurance. Florida state law also states that small business health insurance plans cannot be cancelled for any reason other than fraud.

As a small business owner, you have some control over the expense of providing health insurance for your employees. You can decide how much of the coverage you will provide and how much your employees will pay. Some employers pay 25% others 50% or more. If you are just starting out in your small business endeavor, paying a smaller amount may work for your budget. However, when taking into consideration the tax benefits, and the employee retention potential, paying a larger percentage may be the best bet.

When choosing what coverage you want for your business keep in mind that there are four types of plans to choose from. They are Indemnity (fee for service), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), and Point of Service (POS). One of our independent agents can answer you questions concerning what plan would be best for your small business needs.

When getting quotes for your small business health insurance in Florida, it is best to have your group’s information available. Some of the information you will need is the size of your business and the number of dependents that will need to be covered. This information is not needed just to get a quote but it will help you get the most accurate estimate of what coverage will cost you.

Providing health insurance for yourself and your employees as a small business owner in Florida is possible. Having small business health insurance can be a big benefit to business owners and employees alike. Use the tool on this page to compare quotes from the top companies. Get started finding the best Florida health insurance today!