Free Health Insurance for Florida Residents: Myth or Reality?

Is free health insurance for Florida residents a myth or reality? FL health insurance is an expensive proposition for many people. Unless you are wealthy, or you are one of the fortunate people whose employer pays the majority of their healthcare, then you may struggle to pay for your health insurance or you may even forgo health insurance altogether. The results of this could be dire. But free health insurance for Florida residents?

Myth or reality, we’ll lay it out for you in this guide and in fact you may even be surprised at the cheap Florida health insurance options available if you just shop around and compare rates using the free tool at the top of this page.

Just consider the cost of health care and how quickly the bills can pile up if an uninsured person has a serious ongoing condition that requires them to spend time in the hospital, make multiple doctors visits or even have to purchase medication on a regular basis. There are options for those of you who find yourself in the category of not being able to afford health insurance or struggling to pay your monthly premiums then you might want to consider looking into getting free Florida insurance instead.

You might think that free Florida health insurance is a myth, but the truth is there are many individuals who qualify for free health insurance that never bother to try because they believe that they do not qualify. Free FL health insurance is not available through your standard insurance companies; instead, you will have to apply for Medicare or Medicaid.

While you may believe that you make too much money for these programs, it is well within your rights to apply anyway. You may be surprised at how many people qualify for these programs, some fully and others on a limited basis. This is especially true for those individuals who suffer from a serious medical condition and women who are pregnant.

In order to qualify for free Florida health care insurance, you are going to have to meet minimum income requirements. These income requirements are adjusted based on your family size. This means that a family of six will have more allowances financially speaking than a family of four. After six people, the State of Florida begins to add an allowance of an additional $350 per person (this amount can vary so ensure that you stay up to date on the allowance).

If you do not qualify financially for free health insurance for yourself and you have children, then you can greatly reduce the cost of your health insurance by enrolling your children in Florida’s KidCare program. This is a program designed to insurance all children under the age of 19.

There are four programs available through KidCare. They are MediKids, Healthy Kids, Children’s Medical Services and Medicaid. MediKids and Medicaid are both free programs, Medicaid is reserved for children under five and for the mentally or physically challenged.

Healthy Kids and Children’s Medical Services both have minimal costs associated with them based on your income. However, the typical cost of these programs is $15 to $20 a month per family (not per child). By using a free health care plan for your children, you can greatly reduce the cost of your medical insurance making it more affordable.

While free health insurance is available, it is not available to everyone. This limitation does mean that anyone who makes a good living will have to purchase health insurance for him or herself. This does not mean, however, that you will have to pay a fortune for Florida health insurance. Instead, it is time for you to utilize your other options.

The first one is to start looking for a job that offers insurance as a benefit. This may not be the best option because of the tough economy and the high rate of unemployment. If you feel that a new job is just around the corner then you will want to consider short term Florida health insurance, which is a very inexpensive option to regular insurance and will cover you until your new insurance starts.

Also, job offered insurance plans may be more expensive that private health insurance. This is because an insurer agrees to cover everyone in the job pool. That results in the healthiest individuals paying more for the sickest members of the pool. It’s also more difficult to tailor a company offered plan to your specific needs.

Your second, and possibly more realistic, option is to start getting insurance quotes from Florida companies. This can be done easily by using the quote tool at the top of the page. Getting quotes using a quote tool is a wonderful way to save money and time.

When you typically search for any insurance quote by visiting insurance websites or through phone calls, you will be required to repeat the same information over and over again. With a quote tool, you only fill out a form with all of your personal information one time and it is submitted to multiple health insurance companies.

So, is free health insurance for Florida residents a myth or reality? More importantly, is it an option for you? If you have any questions feel free to call a representative at the toll free number listed at the top of the page and we will be happy to answer whatever questions you have. Or just skip to the quote tool above, and get started receiving quotes for Florida health insurance right now!