Hialeah Florida Health Insurance

Are you looking for Hialeah Florida health insurance for you or your children? Just like there are a number of options for health insurance for Hialeah FL residents who are adults, there are choices when it comes to coverage for children. By considering all the choices available in health insurance, people living in the Hialeah, Florida area can get the right level of coverage for their children’s needs.

Specific FL Health Insurance Policies for Children

Most Florida health insurance companies offer insurance products specifically for children. Your insurance agent can provide you with the forms you need if you want to apply for this coverage. The child’s parent or guardian would be listed as the applicant on the form, and he or she would sign the application form on behalf of the child. This option is becoming very popular with parents, who may be able to arrange coverage for their children at a lower premium rate than if they were to add their dependents onto a group policy.

Group health insurance has the advantage of providing coverage to all applicants, but the premiums you will pay are higher than if you had applied for an individual policy. The insurance company agrees to insure all the group members, but must take into account the fact that there will be some members who will present a higher risk to the insurer because of their current health or family history. If you choose to apply for a policy on your own, your level of risk will be assessed only on your own health situation, which may mean lower premium rates.

Florida Health Insurance Coverage for a Newborn

Under Florida law, a newborn baby is covered under the parent’s health insurance plan from the moment of birth. In a situation where the child is born to someone in the family other than the person named as the primary insured on the policy or his or her spouse, the coverage for the baby will stop once the child is 18 months old. For this reason, if the primary insured or his or her spouse is pregnant, they cannot apply to a new health insurance company for coverage. The insurer would automatically be required to insure the baby from birth, no matter what his or her health is like.

Children Insured Under Their Parents’ Health Insurance Plan

A child can be insured under his or her parents’ health insurance plan until they are 18 years of age. The exception to this rule is when the child is a full-time student at college or university. Each insurance company has its own rules about when coverage ends for students, but the usual cut-off for students is between the ages of 23 and 25. In the case of a child who is handicapped and is dependent on his or her parents, he or she can stay on the policy indefinitely.

Florida Health Insurance for College Grads

After a student graduates from college and is no longer insured under his or her parents’ policy, there may be a gap in coverage from the time they finish classes and they are insured under an employer’s group health insurance plan. A temporary health insurance policy can provide the protection they need until they are able to find work and qualify for coverage in that way. The new grad has the option of buying coverage for a term of between 30 days and 12 months.

Some temporary health insurance plans will let the insured renew the policy for another term, if necessary. Be sure to ask about rates if you are considering this as an option, since some insurance carriers will charge you a higher rate if you want to renew your coverage. As with all insurance policies, you will want to familiarize yourself with the terms of the policy and its exclusions before you make the commitment to buy.

If your goal is to have coverage in place for major medical expenses and you can pay for the cost of doctor’s visits and other expenses yourself, you may want to consider a policy with a high deductible. That way, you save on premium costs but still have the coverage you need if you are faced with medical expenses for a major injury or illness.

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