South Florida Health Insurance

Having the proper South Florida health insurance is vital both for individuals and families. When choosing South Florida health insurance it is important to get the best coverage at an affordable price.

There are many options for health insurance in South Florida, and understanding some basic facts about this coverage can help you make the right decision.

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Fact #1: Being Healthy Helps

FL health insurance rates can more than double for people who are at risk for health problems due to lifestyle choices. One example is smoking. Being a smoker causes health insurance rates to sky rocket. Health insurance companies know that smokers are at risk for certain types of cancer, emphysema, gum disease, and other health complications.

Smoking also increases the risk for asthma in children due to exposure from second hand smoke. Another example is being overweight. Health insurance rates will increase for those who are overweight or obese because of the health issues associated with obesity.

Not only will insurance companies increase rates for those with health concerns due to lifestyle, on the positive side, many companies will decrease rates for healthy lifestyles. Many South Florida health insurance companies will give monetary incentives for living healthy. Some examples are health club memberships, stress reducing classes, community involvement, and participation in sporting events. Participating in these activities may lower your premium or you may qualify for reimbursement of membership and class fees.

Fact #2: Shopping Around Saves Money

There are many choices for health insurance in South Florida. Shopping around will allow you to find the company that best meets your needs. Shopping around will also allow you find the best deal for your health insurance premium and coverage. You can use our quote comparison tool found on this page which allows you to view quotes from all the top companies at no charge. Comparing quotes and coverage from different companies is the best way to find a great deal.

After using the comparison tool, if you still have questions about which South Florida health insurance plan is right for you and your family, you can contact one of our independent agents. These independent agents work with many different companies. They can help you select a company, a plan, and answer any questions you may have.

Fact #3: Make Sure You Get The Coverage You Need

This fact may seem simple but many people skimp on coverage they really need in order to save some money on monthly premiums. This seldom pays off in the end. With so many choices of South Florida health insurance plans, you can find one that is affordable and gives you the coverage you need. Skimping on hospital coverage, accident coverage, and long term care (depending on your age) can result in devastating medical bills if you are not covered.

Part of getting the coverage you need is to understand the exclusions. Some typical exclusions are fertility treatments, elective surgical treatments (such as gastric bypass), cosmetic surgery, and experimental treatments. If any of these or other typical exclusions will be part of what you are planning on for the future, make sure you find coverage that will meet these needs. With many plans you can get a rider to ensure you get the extra coverage you need. A rider is a provision in an insurance policy allowing for changes to its terms or coverage so that additional coverage can be obtained.

Fact #4: Deductibles Make A Difference

A deductible is the pre-set amount of money you, as the policy holder, will need to pay before your insurance benefits start. Some deductibles are for each individual while some are family deductibles. Family deductibles make more sense if you have multiple children while individual deductibles are more practical for couples only. A deductible can be payable over a year or for each individual visit, so make sure you understand what deductibles you have, how much they are, and when they are payable.

The higher deductible you choose the lower you monthly premium will be; but a high deductible is not always the way to go. You do not want to be left with a deductible you can’t afford when medical care is needed, especially in an emergency. Make sure you choose a health insurance plan that will give you the coverage you need with a deductible you can afford.

Fact #5: Types Of Managed Care Programs Differ Widely

If you are confused by insurance terminology, you are not alone. Many people find themselves unprepared to navigate all the details and requirements of a health insurance plan. Managed health care plans are becoming more and more popular and reliable. If you are considering a managed care plan you should understand the different plans available. Preferred Provider Organizations and Health Maintenance Organizations are the most widely used managed care plans.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO’s) offer a network of health care providers. When you have coverage under a PPO, you choose from within the network for the lowest medical costs. This allows for lower costs on procedures, office visits, and co pays because the network providers can rely on a large group of insured people choosing them for services. If you have a PPO and need to choose someone outside of the network, you will typically pay much more than choosing a preferred provider.

A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) also works with a network of providers. A set monthly amount is paid by members to the HMO. It works much like a premium. In exchange for this payment, members can receive medical care including doctor’s visits, prescription coverage, hospitalization, and more within a set network of providers. Only those within the network will be covered and going outside the network is not an option unless you want to pay out of pocket. Many HMO’s require you to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who acts as a gatekeeper to determine when members are able to seek outside care via a specialist.

Fact #6: There Are Options Available If You Can’t Afford Health Insurance

South Florida health insurance is available for those who can’t afford a typical health insurance plan. Access to affordable quality health care is a major focus of the Florida Department of Financial Services. Through a program called Cover Florida affordable health insurance is available for those without insurance, the recently unemployed, those with pre-existing medical conditions, and others. Cover Florida works with health care companies to provide affordable coverage. Contact one of our knowledgeable agents to find out what options are available to you.

Fact #7: Comparing South Florida Health Insurance Quotes Online Saves Time

If you compare South Florida health insurance quotes online then you will likely save both time and money as our free tool allows you to view instant quotes from many different companies and even apply online if you so choose!

South Florida health insurance is affordable and obtainable. By understanding some of the facts about South Florida health insurance you will be able to find the health plan that works best for you. Remember to use the comparison quote tool on this page to compare coverage and rates from top companies.

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